About Us

transmission replacement

A & A began as a small 2 bay shop, developed by 3 friends as co-owners. Today, 26 years later, you’ll find the same 3 friends working 5 days (Mon - Fri) of the week. We’ve added staff and have expanded to nearly 3 acres, but the same friendly courteous service exists as it did 26 years ago. 

Since our customers trust their cars in our hands, they are also placing their lives in our hands. Along with common and technical repairs, the mission of the shop and technicians is to make every effort to insure the safety of the motorist and passengers. Above all else, safety is the highest goal. Please don’t ask us to overlook a safety item during inspection… life is simply too important to be compromised to save a buck or two.

A & A is open for business 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends. When you stop in, ask about a humorous story that talks of being closed on weekends. For your convenience, we offer early morning and late evening drop off and pick up for your vehicle.